Dental X-ray

At OrtoVena we perform x-ray images of teeth. Dental x-rays of individual teeth are performed in order to see the changes under the roots of the teeth. X-rays are essential especially in the diagnosis of a toothache. Based on the captured image, your doctor is able to evaluate the overall condition of the tooth and also check the quality of the completed root canal after endodontic treatment. A characteristic feature of dental x-rays is their accuracy and detail. Depending on the size of the teeth, one image can extend its range from one to four teeth.

Dental x-rays of teeth at OrtoVena are done using a high-quality, modern x-ray Kodak CS 2100. This machine is not only reliable and easy to use, but more importantly provides each patient with the highest quality diagnostic precision and safety. With a built-in, high-frequency generator, Kodak CS 2100 ensures that the patient receives only the necessary dose of radiation. X-rays are characterized by an optimal grayscale, contrast and clearness, which makes their analysis extremely easy.