Orthodontics for surgical patients

OrtoVena is the only orthodontic clinic in Krakow, which has extensive experience in preparing orthodontic patients for surgery treatment. We have experience in the treatment of patients with craniofacial defects . The process takes place in such a way that after the orthodontist analyzes cephalometric images and facial features, she consults with a maxillofacial surgeon, in order to prepare the patient treatment. After surgery, the patient continues orthodontic treatment (wearing an appliance), which aims to stabilize properly aligned teeth or bite.

In OrtoVena under the guidance of the best specialists we conduct and prepare patients for the surgical – orthodontic treatment

At OrtoVena each patient who undergoes surgical – orthodontic treatment, is treated by an orthodontist, surgeon and frequently also by a periodontist. All of the specialists work together and analyze each specific case to achieve the most effective treatment for preoperative and postoperative process. Joint consultation, exchange of experience and willingness to share knowledge means that our professionals have earned the recognition of many patients who have been treated or are still being treated by OrtoVena.