Lingual appliances

Lingual appliances are glued to the inside of the teeth (from the parlance side). Its main advantage is that this treatment is conducted in a discreet manner so only the patient and the doctor know that it is carried out. It is currently one of the most modern methods of treatment of malocclusion.

Due to the fact that the lingual appliance is invisible in the patient’s mouth, it is the ideal solution for those people who, because of their profession, cannot have an appliance that is extremely visible. Therefore, it is mostly recommended for people who have a high sense of aesthetics and appreciation for the natural beauty of the smile.

The main advantages of lingual appliance include:

  • its completely invisibility, with 100% discretion,
  • its wide application, allowing you to cure almost every malocclusion without age restrictions,
  • its excellent results,
  • its impact on the prevention of caries,
  • its comfort, being less invasive for the patient’s mouth.