Orthodontics for periodontal patients

Periodontal diseases are on the rise with a period of aging of the population, thereby meaning that less frequently due to its high resistance tissue dealing with people in a young age. According to the research often the patients above 35 years of age, have some periodontal problems which impact orthodontic treatment.

The most common periodontal diseases treated on the basis of solutions for orthodontics includes receding gums and movement of pathological teeth due to periodontal disease.

The tendency of receding gums is a medical condition involving exposing an increasingly larger part of the root which, in extreme cases, may even lead to tooth loss. The reasons for the occurrence of this problem are different, although they most commonly occur as a result of incorrect brushing or gum inflammation.

Pathological tooth migration is a medical condition resulting from loss of bone support of a tooth. In practice, the teeth visibly move or migrate, which may also be accompanied by rotation of the teeth, gaps formed between the teeth or extrusion, an “extension” of the teeth.

For years OrtoVena, has been one of the few clinics in Poland to effectively treat these types of diseases through a combination of highest achievements in the fields of contemporary orthodontics and periodontics, along with the participation of the best specialists in the fields of dentistry.

By using the most modern methods and systems for orthodontic treatment, all of the above-mentioned periodontal diseases can now be effectively treated with fixed appliances when combined with appropriate treatment techniques. The use of braces for the treatment of periodontal diseases restores teeth to their proper position.

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