Fixed appliances

Fixed-metal appliances

Fixed appliances are used for correction of teeth irregularities and malocclusions. They consist of a variety of connections – braces and rings – placed on the surface of the tooth using a special adhesive. With such placement of fixed appliances throughout treatment they exert a constant force on the teeth, causing them to correct their positioning. Thus, we achieve high precision results in the orthodontic treatment. Currently, this type of device has been successfully used in orthodontic treatment and can start at almost any age. In addition, these appliances are characterized by high mechanical strength.

Fixed-metal appliances with colored ligatures

Fixed – metal appliances make it possible to vary the colors of the appliance itself through the use of colored elastic bands (ligatures) remaining in the orthodontic arch. In practice, this means that the patient may have changed color, “appliance” every time he goes to visit. Our experience shows that this is often remarkable influence on the likes and tastes of our patients.

Aesthetic appliances (ceramic, polycrystalline)

Aesthetic appliances are made of pure, single crystal sapphire. Because these braces have a transparent color, from a distance they are almost invisible. This means that outsiders have difficultly realizing that a person is subjected to orthodontic treatment. Because of the transparent polycrystalline, these devices are in 100% harmony with the natural color of teeth. In contrast, ceramic appliances have a white color and are more visible.

Braces (metal, aesthetic)

An important advantage of braces, i.e. self-ligating appliances is that they do not require the use of ligatures, making patient visits less frequent.


Retainers are applied after basic orthodontic treatment with fixed or removable appliances. Their main task is to maintain the results of previous orthodontic treatment by preventing the shifting of the teeth.

Hass Appliances

A Hass appliance is an appliance that, during the course of orthodontic treatment, is permanently glued to the upper premolars and molars. As a result, the physician is able to widen the upper arch of teeth. This appliance is worn by the patient, until the widening the upper arch of teeth is complete. Most often it takes about 4 months. During the first month Hass requires regular spinning, and for the next 3 months the purpose is stabilization.

Pendulum Appliances

Pendulum appliances are fixed braces used to undo “tooth no 6”. Among the commercially available orthodontic appliances, this one offers discreteness and efficiency. In addition, it requires no cooperation from the patient, and the orthodontic treatment time is reduced to a minimum.