Cephalometric X-ray

At OrtoVena we perform cephalometric x-ray images of teeth. Cephalometric x-ray images serve to illustrate the facial bones, the bones of the skull, facial soft tissues, as well as paranasal sinuses and the hard palate. These types of images are taken of patients who have decided to start orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist uses them to make a diagnosis of malocclusion and defines the overall plan of orthodontic treatment. In addition, cephalometric x-ray images are also applicable in surgery and prosthetics to document the condition before and after the completion of the proper treatment.

Cephalometric x-ray of the teeth at OrtoVena is performed using a high-quality, modern Gendex digital camera. The Gendex digital camera takes cephalometric x-ray images using a technique in which the radiation dose is reduced to a minimum. This innovative solution irradiates the skull of the patient only once, and for a split second. As a result, the risk of interference is greatly reduced and patient comfort is greatly increased. Thanks to the Gendex application, your doctor may take an image instantly, which allows him to quickly give a precise diagnosis.