Clinic business partners

For several years OrtoVena has implemented the program – the power of partnership – under which employees (including students) cooperating with us, institutions and organizations can count on attractive discounts. The aim of the program is the multiplication capabilities of our patient’s access to different types of dental services at an attractive price.


As part of the partnership agreement signed between OrtoVena and Almatur based in Warsaw, which has the power to issue international legitimacy, including: student ISIC (International Student Identity Card), teachers ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card) and youth IYTC (International Youth Identity Card ), we became the first orthodontic clinic in Krakow, Poland, which honors ISIC, ITIC and IYTC. Every student, teacher and young person that has one of the aforementioned cards can count on a guaranteed 10% discount for the treatment of continuous braces and up to 50% discount on the first consultation appointment with an orthodontist. For more information on and