Cosmetic dentistry

Orthodontic treatment in OrtoVena is also complemented by a wide range of cosmetic dentistry. In practice, OrtoVena focuses on the various fields of dentistry, including: prosthetics, dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, periodontics or endodontics. Therefore, each of our patients can take advantage of a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

OrtoVena partners with high-class specialists in the field of prosthetics, dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics or implantology.

In OrtoVena we only employ dentists who: have a minimum of 8 years work experience, passed the state examination with a dental specialization and hold the title – specialist, are active members of Polish Dental Association or the National Association of Dental Implantology. Many of the specialists working at Ortovena also hold a PhD in medical sciences.

In Poland we are one of the only orthodontic clinics that offers our patients gnathology treatment!

OrtoVena is probably one of the only orthodontic clinics in Poland that offers a specialization in gnathology. This specialization deals mainly with functional disorders of the masticatory system / pain in the face, including disorders arising from temporomandibular joint – the jaw.
If your teeth need to be revised in shape and color, at OrtoVena we also offer: all-ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays and expenditures (onlays), composite and ceramic crowns on zirconium oxide framework, dentures, whitening and many other procedures.