Wedding orthodontics

The wedding day is one of the most special days in the life of loving people. A young couple wants to look perfect on their wedding day, so that this day makes memories for a lifetime for the bride and her guests. Increasingly, in addition to visits to the hairdresser, beautician or stylist the bride and groom decide to visit an orthodontic office. Healthy, beautiful and simple smiles are important especially in the context of the ceremony and pictures that will be taken.


OrtoVena – together for life … with a smile!

From our experience in orthodontics, we have a special offer prepared especially for newlyweds. So far a few dozen pairs have benefitted from our services. They were concerned not only the straightening of teeth (orthodontic treatment), but also teeth whitening or other procedures of cosmetic dentistry (eg. veneers) and hygienization.

As a special offer, a wedding bridal couple who visits our orthodontic clinic can count on:

  • free orthodontic consultation,
  • discount for orthodontic treatment using the Clear Aligner (,
  • teeth whitening (whitening lamp) at a price of 1200 PLN per couple or 600 PLN per person,
  • teeth whitening (overlay method) in the price of 1400 PLN per couple, which is 700 PLN per person,
  • 10% discount for couples for hygienic treatment.