Orthodontics for adults

In our clinic we embrace people of all ages. Today there are no contraindications for the foundation of orthodontic appliances, even older people (50+). As a result, more and more often seniors choose orthodontic treatment. It is worth mentioning that the oldest patient in our clinic who underwent active orthodontic treatment was nearly 62 years old. Our orthodontists, due to the extensive experience in the treatment of malocclusion, guarantee that any person can count on their professional assistance and effects in orthodontic treatment at any age.

Many adults often ask themselves whether orthodontic treatment will be effective for them? The answer to that question is YES. Healthy teeth may, in fact, be moved at any age.

You are never too old to take advantage of orthodontic treatment!

Nowadays, accessible braces are not only smaller and more elegant, but can also be completely invisible for others. Our orthodontists advise you as to which braces will best meet your needs.

Also, please note that active people need not fear that wearing braces will have a restrictive impact on their activity and business. While wearing braces you can do almost everything — sing, play instruments, eat meals and kiss freely. Wearing braces does not affect an active life thanks to the materials from which they are constructed and technological advancements.

In the era of technological progress and treatment, up to 90% of malocclusion can be straightened. As a result, the patient is gaining not only a beautiful, but healthy smile as well.