Fragmentary appliances

In orthodontic practice, fragmentary appliances are fragments of fixed appliances established in the period when a patient has milk teeth along with some permanent upper teeth (mixed teeth). This type of appliance, which is an alternative to removable appliances, works well for treating malocclusion in the youngest patients, because their use completely exempts parents from the daily obligation of reminding children to wear a removable appliance. Furthermore, the appliance does not cause problems in patients either with speech, swallowing or breathing. However, from the viewpoint of oral hygiene, the appliance is fairly fragmented, which is why parents should check whether their child is carefully brushing his teeth, especially after meals. In view of this, young patients receive specific training for oral hygiene, which prevents dental caries in the future.

Fragmentary appliances are used in the treatment of malocclusion in adults, especially when the adjustment requires only a part of the tooth or when a patient is missing some teeth.

Overall, with the fragmentary appliance can cure a lot of malocclusion, including crowding, cross bites and open cracks interdental, abnormal eruption of teeth, bad habits, etc.