Quality standards

Quality is a degree of excellence associated with professed values and applied standards. With this in mind, at OrtoVena we care not only about the top quality of our service, but above all we want our patients feel that they are treated exceptionally. In our daily work we strive to carry out this principle: “The patient’s health and satisfaction along with the results of his treatment are of the highest importance and this is the basis of a mutually beneficial and strong partnership”.

Standards and procedures applied in OrtoVena:

The patient in the spotlight! In our clinic we provide a professional and individual approach to every patient and from the start of treatment until its completion each step is under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Treatment without pain! Is a standard in our work. We make sure that during treatment the patient is relaxed and has a feeling of complete comfort. We use anesthetics that are effective and completely safe.

Safety is a priority! All medical equipment in our clinic meets safety standards required by both international and Polish law. In addition, all equipment undergoes certified safety audits on a yearly basis.

Quality of products! This means zero products are “made in China”. All products and solutions that are used during treatments are produced by recognized companies in the orthodontic world (see pdf file).

Treatment with professionalism is our trump card! We want to provide our orthodontic patients with comprehensive service. That’s why all of us are actually specialists in orthodontics. We have all completed an internship specializing in orthodontics, passed the state exam qualifying for the title of specialist in orthodontic and have a minimum of 8 years experience in orthodontics.

Comfortable atmosphere during treatment! The modern interior of our clinic has been designed so that each patient has a sense of comfort, warmth, intimacy and security. We care that our clinic is comfortable for everyone, regardless of age.

Openness! We provide an orthodontic clinic without barriers. Our place is fully equipped to accommodate disabled guests. We have removed all kinds of barriers and constraints that might hinder people with disabilities from using our services. The clinic is located at street level, and its rooms are spacious and elegant.

Professionalism! Our treatments are in accordance with the rules of medical art carried out using the most modern solutions in the field of orthodontics. For us, professionalism is also the use of the best practices and solutions available in modern medicine.

Facilities for Patients! Our location offers parking for cars, air-conditioned rooms, relaxing music during treatments, telephone reminders of the date of visits, disposable toothbrushes for patients, television, internet, family cards, etc. At the same time, we are still open for suggestions from our patients for improvements that will enhance the quality and comfort of our services.

Profit sharing! Some of the profit generated by us always devote to charitable and social activities related to, among others, dental prophylaxis at local schools and orphanages. We believe the following principle … none of us in life is so weak that we can not help, and none of us is so strong to never need assistance.