Recommendations for orthodontic patients

General recommendation

Remember! In the event of damage to an appliance you should not panic, but call to the reception desk in OrtoVena and make an appointment with your orthodontist who will fix your appliance.

Recommendations for patients wearing fixed appliance

  1. The day after the placement of a fixed appliance a patient can experience pain or tooth sensitivity. Therefore, you can take painkillers, such as APAP or Ibuprom. However, do not take too much aspirin.
  2. In the case of scratches or sores caused by the fixed appliance, apply protective wax that acts as a patch to the wound.
  3. After each meal, teeth and fixed appliance parts should be cleaned.
  4. Always use toothpaste with fluoride (NEVER use whitening toothpastes).
  5. To clean between the appliances use the brushes eg: Elgydium, Oral-B dental floss and Superfloss Oral-B.
  6. Toothbrushes used for cleaning teeth should not contain plastics or rubber, and should have only the bristles.
  7. You should avoid eating hard things including: meats, nuts, hard apples etc.
  8. Avoid drinking beverages with a lot of sugar such as: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Seven-Up, etc.
  9. Do not eat sweets such as Snickers, Mars, etc.
  10. It is forbidden to chew gum.
  11. For longer maintenance of colored rubber bands, patients with aesthetic appliances should avoid – red wine, black coffee, curry powder, orange juice, strong tea, beetroot and any products containing dyes.

Recommendations for patients wearing Hass appliance

  1. You’re required to adjust the appliance every evening, beginning on the day after the placement of the appliance.
  2. The appliance should be adjusted according to the orthodontist’s instructions during your visit.
  3. Each day you must adjust the appliance by spinning it through one turn.
  4. After 14-16 days the appliance should create a gap between the teeth, which is a confirmation of the correct adjustment of the appliance.
  5. The appliance stays in the mouth for three more months (without adjustment), when the gap between the teeth will gradually disappear.

Recommendations for patients’ with retention

Orthodontic treatment consists of active treatment that just has been finished and passive treatment (phase retention), which begins with the founding of the appliance reservoir (fusing effects of orthodontic treatment).

  1. The retention should be worn for two years.
  2. Perfectly adhere to good oral hygiene by using dental floss, suited to orthodontic appliances.
  3. The first control visit after the removal of a fixed appliance should take place after 3 months. But if something happens that bothers the patient, please contact OrtoVena helpdesk immediately. The second control visit should take place after approximately 6 months.
  4. Retainers have a one-year warranty. The warranty is valid if every 6 months the patient is subjected to cleaning teeth (scaling) in OrtoVena. Scaling in OrtoVena is performed by a dental hygienist.
  5. The retainer should be cleaned with soap and toothbrush with warm (never hot) water. You should never boil a retainer. It should be kept in special box (given by OrtoVena) in order to avoid any damage.
  6. Due to the frequent damage caused to retainers by pets, please be very careful to store them safely. In the event of damage to the appliance, the patient shall bear all costs associated with repair or replacement.